About Us

Who we are

We’re all about embracing the incredible power of human expertise, legal know-how, and cutting-edge technologies. With a strong sense of purpose, we’re here to make sure that our oceans continue to flourish, ready to be enjoyed and valued by people from every corner of the globe – not just today, but for many tomorrows to come. Join us in our mission to protect and preserve our oceans for a brighter future for all!

Our mission

Our mission is to raise awareness of Africa’s seas and oceans’ vital role in sustainable development as per Agenda 2063 and SDGs 2030.

We spotlight opportunities and challenges, aiming to drive sustainable development and the blue economy in West Africa.

our objective

The objective is to raise awareness of the essential role played by Africa’s seas and oceans in achieving sustainable development within the framework of Agenda 2063 and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 2030.

We Take Action. To Make Better Changes

Oceans Friends was established with the purpose of discovering actionable solutions and turning them into reality. The exciting part is that we have the potential to revive the oceans to their past magnificence.

Oceans Friends International

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