Areas of Intervention

Partnership and Harmonization of Policies

Given the extent of the oceans and the common challenges of sustainable management of the resources they abound, the NGO Oceans Friends International encourages partnership and mutual commitment of countries, institutions, initiatives and stakeholders in this area. assessment and conservation of species and their habitats, as well as to coordinate their actions at the local, regional and international level.

Maritime Security and Sustainability of the Blue Economy

The blue economy depends on the tangible benefits of ocean and inland water resources that benefit all those who depend on them (for example, fishing and mining communities). Therefore, protecting countries’ unique marine domain, and thus “natural capital” is essential to the transition to a green environment and blue economy. Consequently, States must put in place mechanisms to protect and secure the maritime space, to combat the illegal exploitation of resources, management plans to develop fisheries or to rehabilitate degraded shorelines, lakes or rivers. The transition to a blue economy requires a “paradigm shift” of users of the ocean and its resources for more innovative and shared prosperity that aligns with ecological health.

Environmental Health and Renewable Energy

Scientists, conservationists, policy makers and communities at large in the West African region must ensure that current and future investments include strategies to protect oceans from pollution, including aquatic sources coastal and terrestrial. Particular attention should be paid to climate protection, in order to protect them from extreme weather events that are expected to increase due to climate change. Oceans Friends supports all initiatives that include measures to reduce overfishing, mangrove restoration, protection of marine protected areas, reduction of marine plastic pollution. As such, it supports actions aimed at the transition towards a linear to circular economy, and the fight against climate change as well as the use of renewable energy.

Environmental Education and Community Engagement

The objective of providing training and development solutions that meet the specific needs of each actor or partner for better awareness and increased community engagement for taking initiatives in favor of the protection of the marine and coastal environment. As such, it constitutes a strategic partner for the design and implementation of community capacity building activities in general and environmental education as a priority area for Oceans Friends International.

Decent Work and Social Ethics

Oceans Friends International aims to increase the economic empowerment and financial inclusion of women, youth and workers in the fisheries resources value chain in sub-Saharan Africa. In order to stimulate and support the dynamic of creating green jobs in the region. It aims to increase the number of African women entrepreneurs with access to seed capital and enhanced business capabilities, having better market access, as well as access to formal financial services. Ultimately, our actions will contribute to ensuring the promotion of gender and decent work.

Oceans Friends International

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