Photo festival

#Fight Plastic pollution and save our oceans

This first edition of the OCEANS FRIENDS PHOTO FESTIVAL focuses on initiatives to combat plastic pollution with the theme: # FIGHT AGAINST PLASTIC POLLUTION.

Indeed, OCEANS FRIENDS, committed to the protection of the oceans, invite both specialists and photography enthusiasts to contribute to the fight against plastic waste, by placing the lens of their cameras on plastic waste, to the initiatives of collection and recycling, to raise awareness among populations, politicians, and businesses to act in favor of the environment, and particularly the oceans. 

The Selection Process

Judges, comprising renowned photographers, marine biologists, and conservationists, carefully evaluate each submission, considering factors such as creativity, originality, and adherence to ethical guidelines for wildlife photography.

The Prize

The winning photographs are celebrated not only for their aesthetic appeal but also for their potential to spark meaningful conversations and drive positive change.

Beyond the accolades and recognition, the Ocean’s Friends Photo Festival serve as a platform for collaboration and knowledge sharing within the global community of ocean enthusiasts

Educate People

Recognizes outstanding technical skill & artistic composition.

Save Nature

Images that convey a deeper message about the interconnectedness of marine life & humanity.

As we continue to face unprecedented challenges such as climate change, pollution, and overfishing, the importance of preserving our oceans has never been more urgent.

The Ocean’s Friends Photo Festival stand as a testament to the power of photography to inspire action and cultivate a deeper appreciation for the marine world.

By showcasing its beauty and vulnerability, we hope to ignite a collective commitment to safeguarding this invaluable resource for future generations.

Dedi Nadje Seraphin – Founder

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The Ocean’s Friends Photo Festival is an annual celebration of the captivating beauty and diversity of marine life captured through the lens of talented photographers worldwide.

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